We Are Done with the Move

It was pretty hectic, especially since Walter Jr had to get a bad toothache right in the middle of the move. We could not do much about it at first, but as soon as we got to Fremont we started to figure out what could be done. It turned out that one of our neighbors was a dentist in Tracy. We learned this from the people next door who actually waved him down as we were standing out in the driveway beside the moving van. I was really shocked, because it was a Sunday morning. Apparently he had nearly all of the stuff that he needed in his house, although I was wondering if he could get in trouble for this. What he did was not real dentistry though. He did not take a drill to the tooth, not there at least. He just got some some stuff and put it on the tooth. That made everything fine until the next morning. Then we went in there before the place opened and he gave Junior a filling.

Of course this really saved the day, because Walter Jr was not going to let anyone else be happy while he was so miserable. We had all sorts of things that we needed to do and in fact we did not get in bed until after two o’ clock in the morning. It was not really a bed either, just a mattress sitting on a box springs on the bedroom floor. All of the boxes are still sitting in the garage right now. We are still getting stuff out when we need it. I had to go to work the next morning and Jill had to go and get the kids signed up at two different schools since the new semester is about to start.