I Just Needed My Grandparents to Listen to Me

I’ve been close to my grandparents ever since I was a little girl. I knew early on that they adored me, and I feel exactly the same way about both of them. So as my grandparents grew older, I watched them struggle to do things, I made it a point to try to help them out whenever I could. But I really felt that grandfather needed to go see a chiropractor in San Francisco because he was going through too much pain to handle on his own/

Like I said, I try to help my grandmother and grandfather. However, my grandfather found himself unable to walk very well, I knew that he needed more help than I could offer. I tried to talk to my grandfather about going to see a doctor, but he refused. He says the doctors are no help at all. Of course, he is very wrong, But he’s a stubborn man and he won’t change his mind. So I told them that there’s a very different type of expert who does things that most doctors are unable to do. That coaught his interest. I told him they are called chiropractors, and they could help.

Grandpa said yes to an appointment. I rushed to make and appointment with the nearest chiropractor. I drove grandpa there myself, and I sat in on the appointment so that I could help to ask questions and see what what was being shared with the chiropractor. Luckily Grandpa was not cranky that day, and he was willing to listen to what he was being told. It was explained to him that it had something to do with his age, but there are plenty of things that he could do to make his back stronger at age in order to continue to feel younger than he really is.